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Games and Sims Weekly June 7


Here's some Games & Sims Network news for this week.


We're collecting gaming videos or as they are also known - Machinima for the ISTE EduMachinima Fest at the 2017 conference. The ISTE Games & Sims Network is collecting/curating a list of education and even non-educational but entertaining videos that were created in games like Minecraft, World or Warcraft or any other game.

Education is great but sometimes you just want a short video taken straight out of Pop Culture to engage the students. Tanya Martin has started to curate this list and you can check it out on this padlet

So if your students or you are creating these please share with us. This Google survey asks for your favorite but you can add additional ones under the Honorable mention. We will put all videos on the list. Feel free to also join on Tuesday June 27 at 545 pm. Here's the eventbrite RSVP

machinima padlet

ISTE Game Nite at the ISTE Conference

Join us for the 2017 Game Nite. We will have all types of games - video, card games, board games and lots of people discussing and playing games. This is a laid back event where people come and go. Come play a game or see a game played. There will be lots of people to talk to about any aspect of game and game based learning.

RSVP through Eventbrite  Friends and family welcome!

Something a little different in World of Warcraft this Saturday June 10

The Third Annual Running of the Trolls in World of Warcraft #TrollRun2k17
This is an annual in-game charity event to celebrate Pride Month and raise funds for the Trevor Project.

The run starts at 9 pm/6 pm PT but like any run, you should plan to be there 1-2 hours ahead of time.  Meetup is in the troll starting area on the US Feathermoon server on the Horde side

If you don't already have a World of Warcraft account, you will need to download World of Warcraft which can take a few hours. You can run on a free account. Contact Kae Novak at gamesmooc@gmail if you would like to join up with the other ISTE members in the run. We will be using Discord for communication and will also be livestreaming on the Games MOOC YouTube Channel.

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