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The Games and Simulations Network is dedicated to understanding and advancing the use, integration, design, development and evaluation of games, simulations and virtual environments for learning and teaching.

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Games & Sims Network Events at ISTE Conference


ISTE Games & Sims Network Events and Collaborations

in San Antonio!

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Saturday June 24

Mobile Megashare

Games & Sims Table
What Teachers Could Learn from Pokemon Go - Mixed Reality, Pervasive Games and Geolocation
2 pm - 6 pm
HBGCC Stars Ballroom 4
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Sunday June 25

ISTE Communities Network
3 pm - 5 pm
Games & Sims Network Table
HBGCC Tower View Lobby
Come by and chat!
Especially if you have a game or project you'd like to do at the ISTE Game nite on Monday.

Monday June 26

River Walk Photo Quest with the Mobile Learning Network
830 am - 1030 am
HBGCC Main Lobby Kiosk

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Follow us that morning using the hashtags #ISTEMLN and #PhotoQuest

ISTE Game Nite/LAN Party
530 pm - 730 pm
HBGCC Stars Ballroom 4

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Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Werewolf, Two Rooms and Boom and much more!

Tuesday June 27

AR & VR Playground: Escape the Ordinary
2 pm - 530 pm
HBGCC Park View Lobby

Space Virtual World - David Fliesen
DigIt! Games - Jessica Mlyniec and Chris Magnuson
Bloxels, Maker Empire - Kim Martin, Ben Gallagher and Ann Ward
Gamify Literacy Book - Michele Haiken
Pokemon Go and Google Maps - Adam Goodman and Cari Orts
360 Video VR Immersion - Richard Tran, Robert Nakama, Mark Yap and Matt Baylor
VR and AR - Len Scrogan and Jamie Connally
Classcraft - Devin Young and Stephanie Carmichael

Escape Rooms - Kae Novak, Chris Luchs and Lauren Thurman

Play student created 3D games from AgentCubes Online - Ryan Rasar
Cyber-Security, Tech Lit and Games - Chris Luchs
Escape Room Design Using Tech - Kae Novak
Space Virtual World - David Fliesen
Bloxels, Maker Empire - Kim Martin, Ben Gallagher and Ann Ward

545 pm - 730 pm
Machinima List Padlet
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