Help Wanted Posts in ISTE Games & Sims Network Community and Events for March


Help Wanted

A couple of our members have done a call for some help. If you can help - please jump into the community and respond!

Don is looking for classes between 5th and 8th grade to play a serious game on computational thinking for his thesis work.

Linda is looking for a video game design challenge where students can submit their design.

Kathleen is looking for advice on mounting Arduino boards and working with the conductive paint.

Now on to some information we have to share with you....

March and into April is packed with Game, VR and Simulation goodness!

Games & Sims will have 2 big overarching events with a book club, webinars and conference sessions extending into April.

We start on March 12 with Ready Player One book club. Signup
Our first hangout and livestream is on March 14 at 8 pm ET.
We’ll be reading Level One in the book/kindle.

There will be 4 discussion hangouts. We’ll hold them each Wednesday at 8 pm ET.

(If you would like to be on our discussant panel, please email Kae Novak

On March 15, the Virtual Worlds Best Practice Conference starts in Second Life. Games & Sims has

virtual exhibition space on Ready Player One, a roundtable and even a tour. We’d like to invite everyone to join us there! If you’d even like to help us out, we could use a few Second Life veterans. (If you would like to participate and help, please email Kae Novak

The VWBPE conference takes place from March 15 - March 17 and our Games & Sims tour called Easter Ethnography is on April 3.

On March 25 at 7 pm ET, we continue with our  Ethics & Games on March 25, Sherry Jones covers Life is Strange in our ISTE Games & SIms Network webinar


Kae Novak