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The Online Learning Network is a network of educators involved with computer-based communications—either stand-alone stations or in combination with other media. Members are able to share experiences and learn from each other through various professional development and networking activities, including webinars, online resource databases and ISTE Conference and Expo events.

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Presentation Archives from ISTE2014's Online Learning Network "Extravaganza" -- 1 of 11

This is the presentation from Gord Holden of Heritage Christian Academy in British Columbia. It experienced some technical difficulties so I want to share its archival version first. Over the coming days I will be adding each and every one of the 11 stellar sharing sessions each of our presenters shared, so that you may view them as you review the actual hour long session, available at now and later!

Gord Holden--1 of 11

And you may see all the presentations via our archive site at