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    Good morning – ISTE is in the process of drafting the book that will accompany and support the new standards for administrators/leaders. We are looking for stories from a variety of schools/districts in terms of size and tech readiness, as well as various ...

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    Many  private schools in maryland have the same standards which is appealing for many parents. ------------------------------ harry kent ------------------------------

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    Join me and the Ed Tech Team on 2/27, 4pmPT/7pmET, to help shape the future of education leadership and technology for learning. Public comment on the draft Administrator Standards closes at the end of the month so this will be one of the last chances ...

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    I co-sign this webinar! Excited to hear about ISTE Standards from @Kristin Harrington !​ ------------------------------ Sarah Stoeckl Senior Project Manager, ISTE Standards ISTE Portland OR ------------------------------

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Upcoming Events


  • Net Neutrality - What's Happening on Feb 27

    We will be holding a Rapid Response: Part 2 Hangout for Net Neutrality

    Friday February 23 at 3 pm ET/1 pm MT

    The topic will be Net Neutrality with a discussion of FEB 27 Operation #OneMoreVote
  • Intro to LitRPG Recording

    LitRPG is is a new or developing literary genre that your students might be reading.

    The upcoming movie based on the book, READY PLAYER ONE, is an example of LitRPG where the main character is inside a game or virtual world. 
    The overarching theme is usually fantasy or science fiction.
  • ISTE STEM PLN Book Study: Intention-Critical Creativity in the Classroom!

    Our ISTE STEM PLN Book Study is approaching! We have chosen “Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom,” by Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder. The discussion will take place starting the week of April 2nd, with the first session scheduled for Tuesday, April 3rd.

    We will explore one chapter per week, followed by a fourth meeting to share examples of project ideas catalogued in the second half of the book and to discuss their applications across subject areas and disciplines. Co-Author, Dan Ryder will join us for the first discussion!

    It would be wonderful if several of you would be willing to lead the discussion of one of the chapters during one of the weeks. This would mean coming up with a few questions that would open the discussion for the chapter of the week. If you would like to participate as one of the weekly discussion leaders in this way, please let me know through an e-mail at

    Once I know who wants to participate in the discussion, I’ll inform all of you of the platform for the book study. (It may well wind up a Twitter chat or Google hangout to keep things simple) Here is the Google form to fill out and express your interest:

    Thank you. I’m looking forward to exploring this fun book on the topic of creativity in the classroom with you!

    Cathy Collins
    ISTE STEM PLN Leadership Team

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