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1.  The new ISTE Standards for Students 2016 rock!

PLN Leader
Posted 01-17-2017 07:19
Dear all,

Special thanks to Pamela Shoemake, Katie Ritter and Simon Helton for their constant inspiration and support. I would like to share my recent blog post on the 2016 ISTE S Standards published on Common Sense Education:

and ask you:
How do you put the new ISTE Standards into practice? Pick one and share ;-) I would love to hear new ideas of practical projects.

Is there a particular project that made you integrate several standards? For instance: a Mystery Skype which, according to me, integrate all standards.

Looking forward to hearing form you


Fanny Passeport Technology Integrator @fanny_passeport Pune India

2.  RE: The new ISTE Standards for Students 2016 rock!

ISTE Staff
Posted 01-20-2017 12:32
Thanks for sharing, Fanny!

Sarah Stoeckl
Senior Project Manager, ISTE Standards
ISTE Staff
Eugene OR