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1.  ISTE Standards with Kid friendly language

Posted 05-18-2017 03:35
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With the old ISTE standards someone had shared a graphic which had simple language for Elementary Students that paired with each of the standards.  I have used the same wording paired with the new standards and added the additional standard with kid friendly wording on the attached image.  I have used the official ISTE Standards "orbit graphic" and double checked that my modifications were in line with ISTE usage rights.  Which they are as long as you are an educator and using this for non-commercial purposes. 

Feel free to use and share!

Allen Lindblad
Director of Educational Technology
Franconian International School

2.  RE: ISTE Standards with Kid friendly language

PLN Leader
Posted 06-14-2017 15:08
Thanks Allen!!

I have a presentation next month at our state tech conference and this will work perfectly!

Michelle Liga
Technology Integration Specialist
Preston County Schools
Kingwood WV

3.  RE: ISTE Standards with Kid friendly language

Posted 11-24-2017 17:03
Thank you for creating and sharing this graphic!  I'm taking a graduate class on Integrating Technology in the Classroom and this helps to simplify the ISTE student standards!  I will be able to use this in a future classroom!
Becky F
Elementary Education teacher/student

Becky F

4.  RE: ISTE Standards with Kid friendly language

Posted 11-27-2017 16:23
Succinct and simple!  LOVE IT!

Thanks for sharing,


Janet Coe, M.Ed.
 Apple Teacher
Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation
The Woodlands Christian Academy
The Woodlands, Texas