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1.  Games Book Club - Wrap-up and Suggestions for Next Books

Posted 08-26-2014 14:26
We just finished our first Games & Simulations Book Club.
It ran for five weeks, had two tracks and ended up with over
17 hours of discussion over Google Hangout.

If you'd like to take at the sites and the playlist here they are:

Book Club Site
Book Club Google + Community

Hangout Recordings Playlist

We liked it so much that we want to do it again. We'd also like your input on what Tracks and what books you'd like to read.

What do you think and what would you like to see? To get you started, here's some suggestions on topics and books:



Game Studies

Game Based Learning

ARG (Alternate Reality Game)

Interactive Fiction

Non- Fiction Books

The Massively Multi-Player Classroom by Lee Sheldon

Minecraft: Essential Handbook: An Official Mojang Book

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Shell

A Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy by Jim Gee

Young Adult Novel

We'll leave that up to you!

Thanks, Kae

Kae Novak
Chair, Games & Simulations Network

2.  RE: Games Book Club - Wrap-up and Suggestions for Next Books

Posted 09-01-2014 22:35
I like the idea of two books one nonfiction and one fiction.  Because Minecraft is becoming better known as a learning tool, I would personally like to do a book study on a minecraft non-fiction book to help me with my learning, anyone have a good recommendation? The GSN does a wonderful job with hangout broadcasts and going back and viewing these broadcasts have proven to be useful for my personal learning.  I have never read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and have heard it is a good read...if not this time maybe next month?

Tanya Martin
Professional Development Coordinator
Fort Lauderdale FL

3.  RE: Games Book Club - Wrap-up and Suggestions for Next Books

Posted 09-24-2014 10:38
I second the Ready Player One suggestion. I have it, but haven't started it and would love to read it with this group!

Pati Ruiz
Sacred Heart Schools
San Francisco CA
(619) 8842544

4.  RE: Games Book Club - Wrap-up and Suggestions for Next Books

Posted 09-26-2014 18:19
I think we may bend to some of the wishes of our World of Warcraft players for the November book club. The votes are still being tallied.

But I did start to look what pairings might work if we read this for the spring. I found this blog post by Raph Koster, the author or a Theory of Fun in Game Design on how Metaplace (now closed) was close to Ready Player One.

We used Metaplace briefly at our college while it was available - we could look at this pairing in the spring and perhaps even look for another game to explore as we do it.

I did a very shaky flipcam video of my friend's class using it.">">

Kae Novak

5.  RE: Games Book Club - Wrap-up and Suggestions for Next Books

Posted 09-04-2014 13:48
Given the popularity of World of Warcraft in Education, I found this article today  recommending books to read up on in preparation of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, which is scheduled for November 13th. So one of the books listed like War Crimes might be very timely :D

Book Cover of War Crimes

Chris Luchs
Associate Dean, CTE
Colorado Community College System
Denver CO
(303) 8582838

6.  RE: Games Book Club - Wrap-up and Suggestions for Next Books

Posted 09-15-2014 19:20
Two years ago, I attended our university's Provost Leadership Retreat and each table was asked to brainstorm and present a program/service that would be beneficial to our students, especially our new students.  For my table, I suggested an augmented reality app.  My provost, and the other attendees were amazed at the concept.

While at ISTE 2014, I witnessed a pretty sizable crowd around the augmented reality booth as the presenter was showing onlooker how to use auras to create their own augmented reality.  I also overheard many of those onlookers talking among themselves about alternate reality games (ARGs).  So, I would like to recommend This is Not a Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming by Dave Szulborski.

In the book, Szulborski provides a foundation for understanding ARGs, talks about some prominent ARGs that have been developed and guidance for creating your own ARGs.

Joseph Doan
Educational Technologist
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi TX
(361) 825-3865