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The Digital Equity Network works to inspire thoughtful discussion as well as action aimed to ensure access and opportunities for all learners. Through weekly and monthly sharing, we will challenge the status quo concerning the “haves and have nots” of access while providing consistent information and actionable resources to better help school leaders make equitable decisions concerning technology infrastructures and digital learning.

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  • 2018 ISTE Digital Equity PLN Award

    The annual ISTE awards recognize exceptional educators and leaders who are paving the way for connected learning. We seek those whose exemplary work provides a model for teaching, learning, and leading in the digital age with a focus on digital equity. Please nominate a colleague or self-nominate today:
  • Digital Equity in TE & PD - Webinar Recording

  • Join a DEN Committee!

    ISTE DE PLN is forming committees to broaden our support base. Each committee is led by an ISTE DE PLN Leader. We are seeking ISTE members who may interested in joining our efforts as outlined here. If this is you, please complete our interest form.

Community Blogs

  • This blog post is courtesy of Nam Ngo Thanh.  Please see the bottom of the post for his contact information. TEACHING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY With more than 11 years of teaching experience, my teaching concept has changed ...

  • This blog post is courtesy of Nam Ngo Thanh.  Please see the bottom of the post for his contact information. BRING THE WORLD TO YOUR CLASSROOM The biggest challenge I have ever faced in teaching was in learning to apply technology to my teaching ...

  • Flipped Classrooms and the Digital Divide: Challenges and Remedies As more technology is infused into schools, more teachers are experimenting with "flipped classrooms" where students do individual work at school (with help from the teacher) ...

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  • Under Connectedness and Student Perceptions As school districts and teachers transition to e-classrooms, many teachers are aware that not all students have the same access at home.  Of course, not having broadband access at home can make life extremely ...

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  • Hello, ISTE Digital Equity Network! Please see below the following blog post by Leadership Team member   Wes Kriesel , originally published at on August 20, 2017. ...

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