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Welcome to the ISTE Standards Community!

This open network (formerly “Project ReimaginED”) is dedicated to all things related to the ISTE Standards. The ISTE Standards provide a framework for amplifying or even transforming teaching and learning with technology. This community is dedicated to discussions and resources related to the ISTE Standards. Topics may include adoption and implementation, the individual standards themselves, the standards in specific grade bands or content areas, and anything else you want to discuss or share.

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone read the article Diana posted or its version in entrsekt ? If so, what did you think? - Sarah ------------------------------ Sarah Stoeckl Senior Project Manager, ISTE Standards ISTE Staff Eugene OR

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    Hi, I´m from Uruguay and I work in an international school. I have a Master Degree in Education and I´m a Smart Exemplary Educator and this year I became a Microsoft In Education Expert. I´ve been wroking as a grade teacher and...

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    Hi Celeste, Richard Byrne who writes Free Tech for Teachers is one of my FAVORITE tech bloggers. Here is a link to his blog Lesson Plans for Teaching Computational Thinking that will link you to tons of CT lessons and materials. Byrne also provides...

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    Hi Celeste, I don't have a direct lesson for you but some of ISTE's Computational Thinking resources might be helpful: Anyone else have suggestion for helping middle schoolers meet Standard...

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  • The scene has been repeated over and over in many school districts. Staff members filter into a multi-purpose room and sit at benches to listen to the latest professional development (PD) offering from their district. Often, the presenter is brought...

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  • This post was delayed as I was traveling in the D.C.-area to work on the refresh of the ISTE Standards for Students. However, the delay is perfectly timed to align with ISTE's Flipped Learning Day on October 6. This week we feature articles on new...

  • Search the phrase “tinker time” and you will most likely discover articles praising schools and organizations that provide students with opportunities to work with physical materials such as wood, hammers, circuits, recyclables, etc. to design and...

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  • Minecraft in the classroom, it is not a new idea anymore. A Google search will yield 661,000 hits on the topic. There are even videos promoting the use of Minecraft in the classroom along with the research that supports it. “Gamification,”...

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  • I'm going to call this the "Controversial and Compelling" Edition. The podcast This American Life just aired an episode called " The Problem We All Live With " that asks if a return to forced racial integration is the key to fixing...