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  • Jennette Kane

    Online Learning Awards

    Posted in: Online Learning N...

    Do you have any questions about applying for our Online Learning Award? Post your questions here!!

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  • Sarah Stoeckl

    Model Exemplar-Resource Library & Contest-ELA (Biographical...

    Posted in: Project ReimaginE...

    This link directs you to a model exemplar in ELA, a biographical research project, that you can...

  • Sarah Stoeckl

    Model Exemplar-Resource Library & Contest-Math ...

    Posted in: Project ReimaginE...

    This link directs you to a model exemplar in Geometry that you can use as a baseline for your own...

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  • Simon Helton

    Online Learning Award Nominations Now Open!

    Posted in: Online Learning N...

    The ISTE Online Learning Network is excited to announce that nominations are now open for our Online...

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  1. Bonnie Bracey-Sutton
    Bonnie Bracey-Sutton

    Washington, DC

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  2. Heidi Weber
    Heidi Weber

    Loveland City Schools
    Loveland, OH

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  3. Kae Novak
    Kae Novak

    Front Range Community College
    Westminster, CO

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