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Test of announcement

Hi all - I'm just testing what it's like to post an announcement. The space I'm given to write this is only two lines, but I suspect community leaders would need this to be the full length of a regular email. As I type this I can only see two lines... more


  • Tracey Antista

    Best way to share documents in a single school ...

    Posted in: ISTE Commons

    I know there are many ways to share resources, and Google Drive is a popular way to do this. Does...

  • Brian Clark

    RE: Point/counterpoint: What's better for 1:1: Tablets...

    Posted in: ISTE Commons

    Thanks, Lorrie, for another great post to this discussion. I can really resonate with your point about...

  • Michael Flood

    RE: The PE Conundrum of 1to1 - Designing a solution...

    Posted in: ISTE Commons

    When I was in school we had a really creative solution called "student lockers" where we put our personal...

  • Bonnie Mohnsen

    RE: The PE Conundrum of 1to1 - Designing a solution...

    Posted in: ISTE Commons

    How about a cart where students can put there ipads when, as you say, they are running (of course...


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    Stephen Zanotti

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    (Jorge) Vytautas Daukantas

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