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EdChange Global Friday and Saturday - List of some VR, Games & Simulations


Friday July 28 and Saturday July 29
EdChange Global, a free online conference goes live at 730 pm CT

edCamp Global
is 24 hours in Hangouts, twitter, voxer and flipgrid.
Follow it on twitter using hashtag #ECG2017

It starts on Friday at 730 pm CT
All time are CT US – but you can switch the calendar to your time zone.

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Here's some of the VR, Games & Sims

Friday July 28 at 9 pm CT
AR/VR In Education + Google Expeditions

(VIDEO CHAT) with Amy DeMarco

Overview of how teachers can use AR/VR in education. Specifically, we will look at Google Expeditions and other useful apps that can be used in the classroom.

Saturday July 29 at 7 am ET
Designing Rapid Responses in the Turbulent Times
(VIDEO CHAT) with Kae Novak
Session focuses on creating rapid responses to national and global events. How do you address current events and create and curate new content in the age of Fake New, Alts Facts, Hacking, Global Communication and a Connected World? We'll look at social media, the participatory culture and how even games can help students understand global events and perspectives.

Saturday July 29 at 11 am CT
A Framework for Maker Education
(VIDEO CHAT) with Jackie Gerstein
WATCH & CHAT JOIN THE VIDEO CHAT Providing a framework for maker activities helps insure that their use is intentional; and that meaningful learning is extracted from these experiences. The educator, using such a framework, becomes proactive in framing or frontloading the maker experiences and in debriefing or processing them to increase the chances that learning occurs. During this presentation, we will discuss various ways to frame as well as reflect on the making activities

Saturday July 29 at 6 pm CT
The Power of Prodigy: Game Based Learning
(VIDEO CHAT) Stormy Daniels

WATCH & CHAT JOIN THE VIDEO CHAT Prodigy is the most engaging math platform in the world! Learn the basics, what's new and join the conversation with others already loving Prodigy!