Virtual Connected Educator for the Week of January 31st


Hello Everyone! This is our Virtual Connected Educator update for the week of January 31, 2018, where we give you some of our favorite news in games, AR and VR.

On Sunday, we had a Games & Sims Network hangout with Sherry Jones @autnes doing her inaugural Ethics and Games webcast on Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter Mobile game

Fallout Shelter Game  #FalloutShelter

Hangout link

This webinar has been indexed - so click on “Show More” underneath video on YouTube so you can see how it was divided up.

This monthly series provides in-depth discussions that offers an in-depth analysis of 1 game's narrative/aesthetics/mechanics level by level, Explain how the game's design imparts and/or promotes certain ethical values and Introduce 1 or more ethical theory that demonstrates or counters the game's ethical values (ex. discuss whether the game's imparted ethical values are regressive or progressive for the betterment of society.)

Minecraft Update

It’s coming! For Minecraft Chemistry go to

You can download the Minecraft world, find lesson plans and the teacher lab book.

AR/VR Updates

HaptX glove I wore the VR glove that fools your skin as well as your eyes

“Currently available VR technology lets you interact with the virtual universe by waving hand controllers around, but these only solve half the problem. When you see what appears to be a solid object in VR, you merely have to wave your hand in that direction to feel there's nothing there. This lack of physical interaction breaks the illusion of reality, or "presence," that VR relies on.”

Games and Game Based Learning Scholarly Pieces

While not a lot of us were probably able to go to the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2018, the minitrack on games and gaming is now public.

Introduction to the Minitrack on Games and Gaming

The Effects of Game Players’ Social Intelligence on Social Support and Psychosocial

Problem Factors in a 2-Wave Longitudinal Study

Impact of Playing Pokémon Go on Wellness

The Relationship Between Player’s Gaming Orientation and Avatar’s Capital: a Study in Final Fantasy XIV

Finding sociality in single player games: A case study of tandem play amongst friends and couples

Videogame Walkthroughs in Educational Settings: Challenges, Successes, and Suggestions for Future Use

Save the Date!

The ISTE Games & Sims will be doing the Ready Player One book club! The online book club will run March 8 - April 4, 2018

Yes, the group purposely timed our last week to be the week that the movie comes out! That way we are all caught up and ready to compare the movie with our imaginations and see what wins out. :D

We do have a sign-up ready


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Thank you to our Ethics & Games Host Sherry Jones @autnes and discussants this week from Cynthia Calongne @lyrlobo and Chris Luchs @NorthMetroTech