The Learning Spaces of a New Intermediate School


This week, we were fortunate to have toured the new intermediate school in Waunakee, Wisconsin.  The school will open next week with about 650 students in grades 5 & 6.  The school replaces an older school, and teachers were moving in and the murals were being installed as we toured.  This post will share some of the creative learning spaces that we saw on our tour.


When entering, the community spaces has two student created spaces.  The first, shown below, are displays of glass tiles that were made by students of the school.  The colors represent the earth themes of the school-sun, water, earth and wind.

The second space is a display cabinet, which features personal items of students.  This displays allows students to share information about themselves to the community.


The main school hallway has large glass windows where students can observe the geothermal heating/cooling system equipment.  Students can connect to a website to monitor the work of the geothermal system.

 Colorful student friendly soft seating is located in various spaces around the school.

 Classrooms are arranged in "villages" with glass windows looking into a commons area with a variety of flexible workspaces and sitting areas.  Each village has its own locker area, storage, restrooms, and conference rooms.


 In the center of the school is a terraced seating area for meetings and presentations.  Notice the soft and bench seating, and electrical outlets!


Among the other highlights of the school are walls covered in whiteboards, abundant wifi access, and much natural lighting.  

Many thanks to Waunakee Community Schools for hosting our visit!