"Digging in on Digital Equity, Part 1" via Wes Kriesel

Good morning, ISTE Digital Equity Network!

Please see below the following blog post by Leadership Team member Wes Kriesel, originally published at https://medium.com/digital-equity/digging-in-on-digital-equity-42585e917f50 on August 11, 2017.

Digging in on Digital Equity, Part 1
Our mission statement speaks about “challenging the status quo concerning the ‘haves and have nots’ of access” (read the full mission statement here) and today I get to have a conversation with a principal about that issue.

Yesterday, I received an email from a principal who wants to take his entire site, K-6 to a one to one take-home implementation status. Status now: everyone has a device; the school keeps the devices in the younger grades. Status now, in policy: Grades 5–8 have one to one, take-home access. Status now, in practice? I’m not sure. I’m new. I get to ask questions.

One of my questions: “Where in the district is there a full take-home one to one device implementation across all grades?” The answer so far is nowhere. That’s not the will of the district, the superintendent or the assistant superintendent of innovation and instructional support.

The assistant superintendent has made it clear to me — “our breakage rate is less than 1%. We budget for 5% breakage and loss. We are nowhere near that. We have to help people lose the fear of damaged, lost or stolen devices. It’s not reality.”

One of my next questions: “Who wants to go there? What other principals want to see a broader scope of access for their students?”

One of my next questions: “What steps will we take together to see broader scope of access for our students?”

I’ll update you after my appointment with the principal this morning. The district is supportive, the principal has vision. We just haven’t gone there yet.

Let’s go there. #excited

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash