"Digging in on Digital Equity, Part 3" via Wes Kriesel

Hello, ISTE Digital Equity Network!

Please see below the following blog post by Leadership Team member Wes Kriesel, originally published at https://medium.com/digital-equity/digging-in-on-digital-equity-part-3-b8f1b9bb3a9f on August 20, 2017.

Last week, I visited the principal again to check in, get updates and to review the plan we’d crafted. His goal was to learn from of the other teachers what some obstacles or objections might be for the Kinder through 4th grade students taking their devices home. Here’s what he shared:

Principal: “Well, I conferred with my first and second grade teachers and heard a few objections.”

Me: “Like what?”

Principal: “At first, they objected because they said students would forget to bring their devices to school. Or they would bring them but forget to charge them.”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Me: “Okay, what else?”

Principal: “Teachers said they worry that students might not maintain a healthy balance of screen time at home.”

Me: “Okay. Anything else?”

Principal: “Well, honestly, they are worried that students don’t have internet access at home. I think they are worried about somehow being unfair, like ‘here’s a device, but you can’t use it’ or something like that.”

Me: “I see. Ideas on how to address these concerns?”

Principal: “I have talked with the K-2 technology specialist for the district and she’s on board to come talk with them. She’s well known and loved by the staff, and embraces the district’s vision of digital equity, so I’m counting on her ability to reinforce the vision with them, and to give practical support for real issues — like devices left at home or uncharged — that we encounter.

Me: “Okay, shall we review the plan?”

Principal: “Yes, let’s go for it?”

See document image below (or view with Google Drive link below the image). Or click here to make a copy for yourself. (includes a Saturday school schedule document template, too.)