Young Educator Network podcasts


Episode 4: Lifelong Learning with Mary Beth Hertz, an ISTE 2010 Emerging Leader. Learn about her life in the classroom and how she inspires lifelong learners. Also, we'll share some great, new ed tech tools and apps.

Episode 3: I'm Bringing Nerdy Back with Nicholas Provenzano, ISTE's 2013 Outstanding Teacher. Learn about how he got started in the classroom and how he changed from a "bad" teacher who gave tests to teacher who inspires learners. 

Episode 2: Winter Wonderland with Adam Bellow, founder of EduTecher and EduClipper. Learn about how he got where he is, his experience in the classroom, and what he's excited about currently. Also, learn about some new ed tech tools and apps, as well as how to apply for ISTE's Outstanding Young Educator award. 

Episode 1: Holiday Hacks. This is a monthly show talking about integrating technology into the classroom as a young educator. Your hosts: Krista Moroder, Bill Selak, and Robert Pronovost, discuss some of their favorite ed tech tools, how to use them this time of year, and how they got connected with the YEN.