Should We Feel Some Type of Way?

A few weeks ago I was listening to my Voxer messages on my ride home and an interesting conversation on equity took place. One of the coaches was so excited to see that faculty was addressing the issue of equity and thinking about how technology fits into that picture as well. As this coach jumped all in and felt so excited about having this dialogue --that enthusiasm quickly began to fade once the teachers decided that they wanted equity and consideration as it related to planning time, resources, and materials to get the job done?
Is it wrong for them to think of themselves versus focusing on the needs of the students?

We all understand that a teacher's impact on a student is significant. We want our teachers to be happy because they then give their best selves to students. School culture and climate are also determining factors on the success of the year. 

 I get it! I am a teacher and I have had to vent before and had hoped someone would advocate for us to get more time, more resources, more devices, better connectivity and of course support with holding students accountable. It seems to be a pain to know that teachers within the same county or district can have totally different experiences. Some of these differences are impacted by building administrators, parental involvement, and community stakeholders.

 Is that equity piece exclusively for students or should teachers be invited to sit at the equity table as well to advocate for themselves?

Should they FEEL some type of way?

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09-07-2017 10:49

Hey Valerie!  Thank you for your post.  I feel that definitely, students do come first; however, I can understand the teacher's frustration if they feel that they are not being treated fairly.  There can definitely be some teacher equity issues that come into play that have an impact on students, such as financial support from districts in professional learning opportunities.  The more we learn, the better educators we can be for our students.  Yes, we can learn for free through connecting with others, but real talk, I didn't realize this until I went to a conference and saw a hashtag.  So this is definitely a conversation worth having.