• MLN Book Study2: Exploring Mobile Learning Professional Development Strategies

    Are you a person that is responsible for (or just interested in) increasing the willingness and ability of teachers in your school to effectively integrate mobile learning strategies? Would you like to engage with others with a similar interest from schools across the nation? Then this book study is for you! This book study will be exploring ideas presented in “Whole-School Professional Development for Capability and Confidence” by Renata Phelps and Anne Graham, with a specific emphasis on mobile learning. More details about the book can be found at: For participants of the book study, ISTE will be providing a copy of the book (and shipping) FREE! (while supplies last). Book study discussions will be facilitated by Dr. Mark Jones, chair of the ISTE MLN Mobile Coaching and Integration Committee, beginning in early March. The book study group interaction will occur through a Google Community as well as live Google Hangout sessions. If you are interested, please sign up here by February 22nd! For questions, please email