• Periscope with a Librarian about Jungian characters and archetypes that show up in Western games

    Hello Everyone! In the book, we're reading for the #Metagame Book Club, our hero Russell regularly meets with four other heroes. In the book, you're never quite sure whether he is dreaming about the four characters from the game franchise or hallucination. We see these four heroes in Western literature, games and simulations all the time. At approximately 5:15 ET today (Thursday), we've asked Jeff, the embedded librarian to do a Periscope with us on Jungian archetypes. So he'll talking to us about how the 4 Heroes (warrior, wizard, thief and princess) relate to Jung. We'll be periscoping this out over the twitter account @kzenovka and using the hashtag #metagame. So if you are interested please join us.Just go to twitter and search for hashtag #metagame or follow kzenovka on Periscope.