• Congratulations - STEM Excellence Awards

    The STEM PLN is happy to announce the winner of our inaugural STEM Excellence Award. There were many qualified applicants. And It was great to read about the all of STEM initiatives and innovative practices. Please join us in congratulating our winner and two Honorable Mentions. Winner Karin Davidson-Taylor Education Officer, Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario, Canada “As a child, I developed my sense of curiosity exploring the creeks and forests that surrounded our farm. My formal education gave me the knowledge in distinct subjects, and a better understanding of how integrated life is. I’ve worked and volunteered as teacher, mentor, collaborator, innovator and explorer in a variety of settings including schools for children and adults, laboratories, zoos, and now at a botanical garden. In my current position at Royal Botanical Gardens, I use technology to connect via videoconference to a wide audience equally regardless of their location, inspiring all ages to explore and make a nature connection.” Honorable Mention Dr. Rachel Sheffield Senior Lecturer (Science Education), School of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University, Bentley Australia “I began my teaching career in 1990 in a secondary STEM classroom and in 2005 completed a PhD in STEM education and [in] 2012 was appointed to Curtin University. My task is to translate my science education experience to my students building a community who are scientifically literate, confident and competent. At Curtin I have created new science and STEM units and have been instrumental in doubling the science taught in the Bachelor of Education for internal & Open University cohorts. I provide leadership in the use of synchronous and asynchronous collaborative learning technologies including Web 2.0 tools these can be seen at “ Honorable Mention Jessica Shupik Math Teacher, The U School, Philadelphia, PA Jessica Shupik is a mathematics teacher in New Jersey. She has taught secondary English and mathematics in a variety of settings for the last seven years. Her certifications span several Mid-Atlantic States and include PK-12 Administration, K-12 health, and 7-12 English and mathematics. Before beginning her career in education, Jessica worked as a medical editor in test creation and journal publication. Jessica holds a bachelor of arts in English from the University of Maryland, a master of science in secondary education from the University of Pennsylvania, and an education specialist degree in educational leadership from The George Washington University.