• February Newsletter - Assistive Technology

    A big thanks to the contributors in this month's TEN Newsletter. Our topic was Assistive Technology, there were so many resources and ideas shared, be sure to check it out and share. And as always, thank you @Dennis McElroy for putting the newsletter into such a nice format!

    Our newsletter includes a lot of great information and resources from experts in the field. We hope you enjoy!

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    Next month our theme will be Data Analytics and we will again be seeking guest posts.

    Rachelle Dene Poth, JD, MSEd
    Foreign Language & STEAM Teacher, Riverview H.S.
    President, Teacher Education Network,
    Mobile Learning Network Communications Chair
    PAECT Outstanding Teacher of the Year, 2017
    NSBA "20 to watch" 2017
    Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
    Nearpod PioNear

    Twitter and Voxer: @rdene915