Hello again,

Yesterday's poster session was awesome. Thanks to all that stopped by and talked about Learner Analtyics and game based education. Today there is another opportunity to visit at the Playgrounds. Our new Games and Simulations Network Officers will be presenting and collaborating with the great people at Mobile and Virtual Environments Networks.

You can find Kae, Tanya, Joseph and me at:

Build your world: Mobile makerspace at the Mobile Learning Playground
Monday, June 30, 9:30 am–1:00 pm
GWCC Building B, Level 3 (near Room B313)

Build, play and learn using mobile devices. Join ISTE's SIGML for a mobile makerspace where you can discover augmented reality, app creation, mobile games, robotics and MinecraftEDU.

Metagame: Virtual Environments Playground
Monday, June 30, 2:00 pm–5:30 pm
GWCC Building B, Level 2 (near Room B206)

​Learn about virtual environments and how to use them to teach computational thinking and meet Common Core and ISTE Standards.

The playgrounds are one of my favorite ISTE events. Lots of learning, fun and time for discussions. Feel free to drop by and chat.