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   RE: ISTE Standards for Teachers and ISTE Standards for Educators
 From: Audrey Adams
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 09-18-2017 20:44
 Message: Hi! I myself am a pre-service teacher at Xavier University in Cincinnati. I am currently in an Instructional Technology class and this first part of the school semester we have been using both the ITSE Standards for Educators and the standards for students. We talked about the importance of understanding both sets of standards.

As an educator it is important to hold ourselves accountable and live up to these ITSE Standards. And to be a positive role model and effectively use technology in the classroom to help enhance student learning. However we need to become familiar with the standards our students will need to reach as well. It is our responsibility to help them meet these goals and by studying and understanding the material as well. By knowing both set of standards we can obtain a better understanding of what needs to be going on in the classroom.

Obviously, I'm only into month one of this class but I already have a better understanding of how important these are by studying both.

Hope this offered a new perspective maybe!

Audrey Adams
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Sent: 09-17-2017 15:25
From: Teri Langlie
Subject: ISTE Standards for Teachers and ISTE Standards for Educators

We are working on the ISTE Standards and wondering about the differentiation between the ISTE Standards for Teachers and the ISTE Standards for Educators.  Which should we be using with our preservice teachers?

Thank you for any clarification!

Teri Langlie
Teacher Educator
Concordia College, Moorhead
Dilworth MN