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   What if legislators used design thinking?
 From: John Ross
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 07-30-2017 22:58
 Message: The new ISTE Standards for Educators are out, and both those and the standards for students encourage leveraging design thinking for tackling complex problems. My co-authors and I, Kathy Cennamo and Peg Ertmer, have been working on an update to our textbook that addresses the ISTE Standards for Educators, so I've been reading, researching, writing, and just thinking a good bit about design thinking lately, (along with some other topics) that appear in those standards. I use design thinking in my instructional design work, but I thought, who else might use design thinking? What examples might be interesting to explore in various subject areas? Enter the national news.

I hope you appreciate this thought exercise on applying design thinking to crafting legislation. You can find it on my blog at I'd be interested in feedback or additional examples to consider. Thanks!

John Ross
Educational Technology Consultant
Pulaski VA