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   RE: Digital Learning Pathways tour on Sunday at ISTE 2017
 From: Beth Mac
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 06-21-2017 08:30
 Message: I will not be attending the conference because I must be at school. Would it be possible to receive notes from the session?!
Many thanks,
Beth MacMullan
Jemicy School

Beth Mac
Jemicy School
Owings Mills
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Sent: 06-20-2017 10:59
From: Carolyn Sykora
Subject: Digital Learning Pathways tour on Sunday at ISTE 2017

If you will be at ISTE 2017 on Sunday afternoon, consider joining Cheryl Lemke of the Metiri Group and me for the session:

Design Your Roadmap to the ISTE Standards for Students
Sunday, June 25 from 1 to 2 pm
Room 217A

We'll take you on on a tour of the new Digital Learning Pathways ( and how they can help your team understand what the ISTE Standards look like in the classroom and with students of all ages. This session will focus on the Digital Citizen and the resources available including:

* Instructional strategies and examples
* Age-appropriate scenarios and lesson plans
* Rubrics and reflections
* Pre- and post-assessments to earn a micro-credential

Join us to learn more!

Carolyn Sykora
Senior Director, ISTE Standards
ISTE Staff