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   RE: What's the difference between student-centered learning and student-driven learning?
 From: yongjun wang
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 10-02-2017 23:26
 Message: I want to point out some ideas from "ISTE standards for educators a guide for teachers and other professionals".
student-centered and student-driven
"Within this learning evolution, there has been a shift in focus. Looking back to those early years in education, and even to the advent of the internet and other digital resources, the spotlight was on the teacher and the students were seen as passive receptors. With the second shift, the spotlight moved to how the teacher was supporting the student. In the third shift, reflected in the ISTE Standards for Educators, educators are empowered as valued professionals within their systems, putting the spotlight on students to think for themselves and drive their own learning."

yongjun wang
shanxi normal university
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Sent: 10-02-2017 12:41
From: Paul Rabara
Subject: What's the difference between student-centered learning and student-driven learning?


Here's my view. (It's a quick one, so hopefully people can get the general idea)

Student-centered refers to curricula, instructional methods, and any sort of station rotation that focuses on the student's best interest (or, any attempt at that). This was a better way to view instruction than the older model of whole group learning.

Student-driven has the student at the helm of learning goals identification, the path of learning that needs to occur (usually by questioning on and on about what needs to happen), and the assessment of how well those specific targets were met and re-met. The student gets say in establishing learning, progress, and end results.

I have several programs and I have been creating my student-driven model for a few years and it seems to work very well and both students and parents love the transparency of learning and the clarity as to what is being learned and how well. Goes directly to quality of work and effort.

Hopefully others chime in with their unique perspective.

Paul Rabara

Contempo Education

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Hi @yongjun wang,

Great question, yes I believe these two terms are interchangeable.

Kristin Harrington
Digital Learning Specialist
Flagler County Schools