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   RE: Standards Presentation
 From: Mohamed Samunn
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 06-14-2017 16:21
 Message: I am based in Singapore. I am a Nearpod user and I feel that this tool is the best way for me to differentiate my lessons.

Mohamed Samunn
Senior Educational Therapist
Dyslexia Association of Singapore
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Sent: 06-14-2017 15:13
From: Michelle Liga
Subject: Standards Presentation

Hi Everyone,

I have a presentation that I am working up on the student standards (and the new teacher standards) for our state tech conference. It is going to be a general overview since the state just updated the technology policy and used ISTE standards as part of the framework.  I don't believe there are very many members from WV so I am also hoping to drum up some new members while I am at it.

Suggestions welcome!  BTW I am using Nearpod as my presentation tool since many people complain that they cannot see the entire screen when at the conference.  Everyone has a device, thinking about adding some kind of quiz to the presentation too.....

Michelle Liga
Technology Integration Specialist
Preston County Schools
Kingwood WV