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   RE: Elementary tech Curriculum
 From: Sylvia Fojo
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 03-29-2017 07:18
 Message: Dear colleagues,
I've written my own curriculum taking into account the ISTE Standards.
It has 3 areas: PBL/ CODING and Promoting creativity and innovation.
If somebody wants to know about me I can leave my weebly. I´m improving it but at least you have idea about my thoughts and info if you want to connect.
Thanks a lot.
I´m proud to be part of ISTE COMMUNITY.
I wish you the best for all of you. Wishing to see you next June.
It{s such a great effort to go but I´m really more than happy to do it.

I´ll attach my last video with my memories only to share with you, ha ha. Do not laugh. That´s our typical music.

Sylvia Fojo
Grade and Computer Science Teacher, MA
Uruguayan American School
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Sent: 07-20-2016 19:15
From: Sylvia Fojo
Subject: Elementary tech Curriculum


I´m from Uruguay and I work in an international school. I have a Master Degree in Education and I´m a Smart Exemplary Educator and this year I became a Microsoft In Education Expert. I´ve been wroking as a grade teacher and thos year I´ll be teaching computer from first grade to fifth grade.

Each grade will have class with me once per week and I´d like to do a great curriculum including the essential questions and so so.

Of course I´m going to follow the ISTE Standards.

As I have to write the curriculum and my school is international and I´d like to ask your help because I´m reading many curriculum to take the best from each one.

About coding I don´t need help because I have been following the Microsoft program as a teacher last year but I´d like to have access to different Elementary Tech curriculum specially from the States.

If you can help me my email is @fojosylvia ( TWITTER) and you can also find me at linkedin.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Sylvia Fojo, MA

Uruguay, South America ( a small country of 3.000.000 people between Argentine and Brazil.

Sylvia Fojo
Teacher , Master in Education
Uruguayan American School