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   RE: Interview Questions related to ISTE Educator Standards
 From: Paul Munshower
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 09-19-2017 17:51
 Message: Beth,
I, too, have used the ISTE standards as part of the interview process. Similar to what was stated earlier, I asked the interviewee to take a close look at a couple of the standard and then translate into layman's terms what that might look like in the classroom.
The candidates were given a link to the ISTE Standards before the interview and were told these are integral to their job responsibilities.
This allows you to know what they know, if they align with the school vision, and their thought process skills. This would also give them an opportunity to reflect on their practice and identify areas of growth/PD. 

Paul Munshower
Instructional Technology Specialist
Abilene ISD
Abilene TX
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Sent: 09-14-2017 16:52
From: Beth Hamilton
Subject: Interview Questions related to ISTE Educator Standards

Hi All!  I am an elementary school principal who has the privilege of opening a brand new school in our district (opens fall of 2018).  In hiring a staff, I would like to focus questions on the ISTE Educator Standards. Has anyone done this and/or have other interview questions for educators that would be supportive of finding personnel that have these qualities? I would love some new ideas! Thanks!

Beth Hamilton
Elementary Principal
Bellevue School District
Bellevue, WA