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   ISTE Standards at ISTE 2017
 From: Sarah Stoeckl
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 06-01-2017 11:08
 Message: For anyone interested in ISTE Standards at ISTE 2017 we have a lot of exciting stuff going on this year! You can find info about what's happening on our conference page but here are some highlights:
  1. A session on Designing Your Roadmap to the ISTE Standards for Students, with a focus on the Empowered Learner.
  2. Our first ever ISTE Standards strand, a selection of exemplary presentations by attendees.
  3. A casual mixer shortly before the opening keynote-with snacks!-where you can explore ISTE Standards-aligned resources.
  4. Free ISTE Standards gifts in ISTE Central.

Oh and of course there is the official release of the new teacher standards. Looking forward to connecting with people in San Antonio!

Sarah Stoeckl
Senior Project Manager, ISTE Standards
ISTE Staff
Eugene OR