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   RE: Survey questions for teachers pertaining to ISTE Standards
 From: Sarah Stoeckl
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 09-18-2017 19:08
 Message: Hi Audrey - Can you give us a greater sense of what you're hoping to measure or find out about? Are you interested in how ready your teachers are to implement the learning reflected in the ISTE Standards or what they are already doing that would align? And how granular (e.g. how many questions) are you able to get?

Sarah Stoeckl
Senior Project Manager, ISTE Standards
Eugene OR
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Sent: 09-15-2017 14:01
From: Audrey Onsdorff
Subject: Survey questions for teachers pertaining to ISTE Standards

HI all,

Our Academic Tech. Committee is trying to create a survey asking teachers how they incorporate technology into their lessons. They are not familiar with the ISTE Student Standards, yet would like our questions to be loosely based on all 7 of the standards using simple language. ANy suggestions? Have others created such surveys for their faculty? How was the experience?

Thank you for all of your help!

Audrey Onsdorff
Academic Technology Coordinator
Brunswick School
Greenwich CT