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   Creative Communicator Presentations
 From: Kristin Harrington
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 04-18-2017 19:40
 Message: Hi Everyone,

I'm working with teachers in my district to encourage additional ways for students to present information as Creative Communicators, rather than the standard (one student presents, while the others are audience members). I have seen many classrooms with innovative lessons and types of presentations, but would like to see the actual student presentations evolve as well.

Here are a few ideas I have used in the past...

  • *Carousel style-The class is split in half with students presenting or listening, then switching roles. This way two students could have the same topic and work together, so everyone gets the same content with either rotation. This maximizes time and provides students with opportunities to move around. 
  • *Jigsaw- Students works in groups and present content to their peers through rotations, then meet back with their team to compare and contrast their topic with others.
  • *Online Presentations through an LMS- Students post their projects online in an LMS or another app, such as Padlet. Other students listen to or read the presentations while taking notes, and posting comments. 
  • *Peer Review- Students present to each other to receive peer feedback
  • *Authentic Audience- Students present live or online to subject matter experts, or other audiences. 
  • *Pechakucha Style- Students create a slideshow which includes pictures, and very limited text. They have 20 seconds to speak about each slide, encouraging them to know their content and practice speaking, rather than reading bullet points. 

I would love to hear about any other types of presentations that you are utilizing in your classroom or district, and other methods or ideas that you have for student presentations.


Kristin Harrington
Digital Learning Specialist
Flagler County Schools