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   What are your best resources for addressing the ISTE Student Standards?
 From: Diana Fingal
 To: ISTE Standards
 Posted: 08-24-2017 15:21
 Message: Hi everyone,
I'm Diana Fingal, ISTE's director of editorial content, and I need your help. In each issue of ISTE's quarterly magazine, Empowered Learner, we feature a list of favorite resources from ISTE members. This time around, we'd like you to share your favorite resources for teaching the ISTE Standards for Students, which as most of you know, were revised in 2016. We'll publish a handful of reader responses in our magazine, so please fill in your email, name, school, town, state and country on the line provided. No need to answer all the questions. Find the form here.

Diana Fingal
Director of Editorial Content
ISTE Staff
Eugene OR