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    Hi all, I wanted to share that we've just launched a new community focused on COVID-19 and supporting educators during this very challenging time. We have ISTE staff, volunteers, and members of other education organizations monitoring it to answer questions. ...

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    RE: Virtual teacher Ed

    Hello Marcy!! The COVID crisis certainly had us thinking on our feet in order to get our student teachers and early field experience students completed for the semester. Fortunately, we had an established partnership with the Education Service Center ...

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    In Need of Research Help

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    Hi All!  I am hoping some higher ed rockstars (or anyone who is into research) can point me in the right direction. I'm working on pulling together some existing and current research on virtual schools and/or the effectiveness of online learning published ...

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    We were taking baby steps towards the SLEI (School Librarian's Evaluation Instrument) in our county, so I had set up a OneNote to try to keep track of what the library achieved this year as well as some artifacts as support.   During COVID, frankly, ...