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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to make sure you all saw that we're running a little contest where we're giving away 25 $75 Amazon gift cards to anyone enrolled in ISTE's new membership auto-renew process. To sign up, just go to your account , click "Memberships ...

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    NASA experts will present six STEAM projects that educators can bring back to their classrooms at the   NASA Playground   during ISTE20 Live on Dec. 5. The projects include virtual and augmented reality explorations of NASA missions as well as information ...

  • Welcome back to our Sunday's discussions! We truly hope you had a great Thanksgiving and you celebrated the good things that happen around us everyday. This week we wanted to celebrate an awesome event that is taking place... Does someone know what we ...

  • You're right, that's so weird! Try this one . It has a $20 coupon already applied to checkout that will work until Dec. 14.  ------------------------------ LeeAnn Lindsey Consultant/Trainer Digital-Age Learning Consultant, Edvolve Digital Citizenship ...


  • STEM Thankful Twitter Chat 11/19 @7:30pm EST

    Join us for the ISTE STEM November chat and challenge. See you there!
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  • TEN November Twitter Chat and Newsletter

    Hi  everyone!

      Just wanted to invite everyone to join the ISTE Teacher Education Network for our monthly Twitter Chat.  The chat is Monday, November 16th from 7-8 pm EST and our theme is SEL for Teachers. 

    We also have our November newsletter available. There are many great resources focused on SEL and self-care. Be sure to check out the newsletter

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  • Archived October 2020 Twitter Chat

    October 27, 2020 1pm and 8pm ET Read More
  • MLN October 2020 Newsletter


    Below is the link to our October Newsletter - enjoy! Read More
  • TEN October Twitter Chat

    Join us on Monday, October 19th for our Twitter Chat at 7pm EST.
    Our topic is:Tools that Empower Students in an online environment.  #isteTEN 
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