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    Posted 12-20-2014 08:16
    This is the second year that I imbedded the hour of code into my 3rd grade curriculum. The students were so engaged and excited it was very contagious to me. They did the Flappy Bird tutorial and most moved onto the Frozen tutorial. They made beautiful snowflakes. For me the best part was as they showed me their programs I wanted to ensure their program was doing what they wanted. If it wasn't, having worked through the tutorial and with questions from me, they figured out how to fix it with persistence. Many of them went onto the site from home and shared their success with their parents. It took 4 class sessions which I feel we're very well spent - the hour of code is a great way to introduce our youngest digital users to what is needed to create the games they enjoy playing! It also fosters future programmers and out of the box thinkers. Happy holidays everyone!

    Carmela Curatola-Knowles
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    PLN Leader
    Posted 12-20-2014 11:08

    The hour of code was a tremendous success at my former school, where it was implemented school-wide (grades preK-12) and involved adults in the community as well as the students. I am hoping that in a year or two this will happen at my current school as well. I love the idea of involving parents as well, perhaps in an evening activity. Has anyone else tried that? If so, how did it go?
    Chip Cash
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