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Citizenship - local, global, digital

  • 1.  Citizenship - local, global, digital

    Posted 03-30-2015 20:25
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    I recently heard a story about intellectual property and the arts--how artists are often inspired by the work that came before them. Literature, Science, Exploration--isn't it all continuation of an idea, looked at in a new way or a new direction? So, now, no wonder intellectual property, digital rights management, digital plagiarism has spawned new careers, new industries. And yet, as educators we are charged with teaching our students what citizenship means in our classrooms, our communities, and globally. That National Writing Project Digital Is   is a wonderful resource for looking at how we publish, how we teach writing, how students can live and create in an ever-evolving media world.  I recently came upon a great Google Doc that they have shared called "Can I Use That? A Guide to Creative Commons"     and in the true spirit of collaboration it is a Google Doc so easily copied and shared.

    It raises three essential questions-- What does it mean to be a responsible citizen? What are my rights as a citizen? And how does this translate to the digital world?

    Teaching Digital Citizenship is so important, as is Citizenship-- maybe it should be renamed  Global Citizenship. How can we teach Digital Citizenship in the context of creating, publishing sharing and collaborating? Making it authentic and relevant.
    I would love to learn from your ideas--

    Paula Don
    Director, Ed Tech
    School District of Philadelphia
    Philadelphia PA