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Unlimited screentime is fine... if used responsibly.

  • 1.  Unlimited screentime is fine... if used responsibly.

    Posted 04-15-2015 17:08
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    I was fascinated by this post, "Screentime - Focus On Quality, Not Quantity". As both a teacher and a mom, I try to watch how much time my kiddos are on devices. However, if they are learning and being productive, while also getting movement in, why do I need to limit what they are doing?

    There are some great scenarios in the post. They remind us to "stop judging screens and start looking at and guiding young people in their use of screens".

    What are your thoughts? Do you limit screentime at school or at home?

    Lisa Fink
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    Posted 04-15-2015 18:04
    Tough question as both an administrator and as a parent. The school in which I currently work is a small "progressive" 1:1 laptop private school. We do little filtering, allowing Youtube, Facebook, etc. We do block streaming movie sites such as Netflix, for bandwidth reasons.

    Originally, I was in favoring of blocking gaming sites, which students can only play during breaks (NO VIOLENT GAMES). But, as a father of a son with Aspergers, I witnessed that my son, and others who may have been on the spectrum, socialized around playing games. In fact, this was his only entree into socializations. Since then, he has broaden out into getting involved with face to face Dungeons and Dragons group.

    At home, I try to limit screen time, but it is a difficult climb. So I try to lead by example and tell them they have to talk walks with me. It turns out to be a great time to talk.

    David Held
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    Posted 04-17-2015 12:01
    Note: If anyone's trying to access the article, the link is a little off but you just need to add in a colon after the "http" or you can delete everything before "theinnovatoreducator." and most browsers should be able to sort it out.

    This is such an interesting topic! The author makes a solid case and David also brings up a great point about what "quality" actually means. I think there is a need for balance, for at least getting outside and experiencing the world, including nature experience and face-to-face human interactions (just so we don't become mole people). I think there's also benefit to being alone-alone, and not just alone-with-our-screens-and-the-billions-of-people-on-the-internet. But I'm very intrigued by the new research saying that interactive screentime is not harmful to young minds, just passive screentime is. This also seems like an interesting counterpoint to our discussion of the Digital Divide and how "limiting screentime" is a privileged position and that many would really benefit for unrestricted access to meaningful technology.

    Other thoughts on this, in general or how it intersects with standards and pedagogy? Do you do anything with your students to limit screentime or to ensure it's meaningful or to increase access?

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    Posted 04-18-2015 19:06
    As a teacher, I try to balance screen time because my students want to use their devices. If they are on them in my class, they must use them for academic purposes. I recently did an quote analysis assignment using social media. They had fun with it. Unfortunately, they have trouble wanting to stay focused on academic screen time. That is a struggle I have to face.

    Sarah Winchester
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