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Draft of new Tech Coaches Standards

  • 1.  Draft of new Tech Coaches Standards

    Posted 05-20-2019 10:16
    Hello all,
    I saw a draft of the new Tech Coaches Standards back in February posted by Carolyn Sikora but that post has been removed and access to the draft has been removed. I emailed the standards group a while back and was told my message was directed to the appropriate person. I'm still waiting and now nervous because I planned a meeting with my tech coaches this Thursday to discuss these new standards in relation to how tech coaches are evaluated.  I may need to cancel this meeting if I can't at least access a preview version of the new Tech Coaches standards.

    Can anyone out there help me? (asap)

    Rebecca Rosecrans
    ISTE job board

  • 2.  RE: Draft of new Tech Coaches Standards

    ISTE Staff
    Posted 05-22-2019 11:42

    Hi Rebecca,

    Carolyn Sykora sent you an email with information on the Standards for Coaches. Thanks!

    Simon Helton
    Director of Community Engagement
    International Society for Technology in Education

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