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Designers looking to collaborate on educational games

  • 1.  Designers looking to collaborate on educational games

    Posted 08-23-2019 14:56
    Edited by Serendel Macphereson 08-23-2019 14:57
    Hello, my name is Serendel and I am looking for educators or advisors who would be interested in teaming up with me and a few other recent virtual design graduates to create an educational video game. None of us are education majors so we need someone to help us come up with instructional content which we can incorporate into the story and obstacles the player will face.
    Our idea is to aim for 100 level college or remedial subject material as there seems to be less educational games available at that level compared to earlier grade levels.

    My graduate project focused on virtual learning environments and I created a prototype for a math role-playing game featuring multiplication and ratios (preview video here for anyone interested: LordsOfLogicVideo
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    introductory video for Lords of Logic
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    we are very early in our design phase so we do not have everything flushed out yet and the subject material is still up in the air. We have been thinking of focusing on STEM topics but see benefits to others as well.

    I am not a full member here yet so I am aware there are probably assets out there, but I figured this may be a good place to start.


    Serendel Macphereson