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Interactive Board-type Assessment

  • 1.  Interactive Board-type Assessment

    Posted 05-29-2020 14:57

    Hello ISTE community! 

    Do you recall the New Digital Citizen quick learning assessment we did where you took the 'flags or post-it notes' and put the proper ones under New DC or Old DC? 

    I would like to create something like that. It can be a Web 2.0 tool like Padlet--but more interactive. Where the students place it under a category (procedural) and they immediately get feedback. For example checking a printer a. hardware correct choices include: is it on? are jobs in the que? paper jam? b. computer correct choices include: is it selected? online? c. user online? wireless? hard patch? etc.

    So an interactive thing like we did that's easy to set up and the user gets immediate feedback.

    I don't think this is R-code with data which I keep running into online. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

    Gary Boisvert
    Library Media Director
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