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Towards the Empowered Learner Standard Lesson title "Digital transformation "Teaching entrance" Webquest Strategy"

  • 1.  Towards the Empowered Learner Standard Lesson title "Digital transformation "Teaching entrance" Webquest Strategy"

    Posted 05-17-2021 18:17
                The teacher aimed to achieve the sixth and seventh pillars of Kuwait's vision, which is (creative human capital, effective government management), as well as the intersection with the standards of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and given the weakness of the year in curricula in the State of Kuwait in achieving international standards and achieving high-quality educational outcomes, The teacher used the hidden curriculum, "Hidden Curriculum", which is a curriculum that is all the experiences, attitudes and values ​​that the student acquires outside the framework of the declared curriculum, but within the school environment. In view of the Corona pandemic and the fact that the teaching method is carried out remotely through an educational platform, Microsoft Teams, the teacher has used the strategy of "Web Quest" to enhance students 'higher thinking skills, as it is considered one of the pillars of the twenty-first century skills in enhancing students' perceptions towards the pillars of a new Kuwait vision. 2035, and the event was published in ISTE communities to be the third work registered for the State of Kuwait in the United States of America with ISTE communities, where the problem was titled "Digital Transformation" How can we find digital solutions Transforming work environments into a digital world, which promotes the comprehensive development in the government of the State of Kuwait Whereas, Kuwait's development vision urges the development of creative human capital, as well as an effective government administration in creating a generation that innovates and innovates in solutions, engaging in the use of government applications, supporting various development sectors, investing time and reducing costs and waste in natural resources.
    for an excellent WebQuest By Monica Stoilov - ppt download Implementation steps
    Flight address   Digital transformation
    Introduction  Show:
    • The virtual flight film focusing on themes
    The fifth generation of the 5G communication revolution and information technology
    • Cybersecurity and protection from intrusion of government institutions
    The future of government services (smart passport, digital ID, and digital license)
    • The digital "real estate wealth" project
    • The benefits of digital transformation

    Through "Microsoft Teams"
    • A task was given to students to search for smart government applications to be used to facilitate work environments in the State of Kuwait
    • Through the "Wakelet" program, an activity page was created in which the student presents the most important resources for a lesson, as well as sharing government websites and applications in the State of Kuwait.
    • Students were also assigned to use a Microsoft Office365 application
    • Students were discussed about the applications that were selected and why they chose this application
    • Giving students activity grades according to a specific mechanism in which consideration is given to design and coordination in student projects
    • The most important ideas about the concept of "digital transformation" were summarized and how this transformation helps us to benefit from technology as well as towards achieving Kuwait's vision 2035.
    Wall of targeted learning outcomes through students' answers
    Digital Transformation Link

    adel saad aldfeeri Teacher/Faculty (PK-12)
    Ministry of education
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