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Another Great Global Collaboration Resource

  • 1.  Another Great Global Collaboration Resource

    PLN Leader
    Posted 02-21-2017 08:53
    Edited by Kristin Harrington 02-22-2017 19:25
    My friend Sean Farnum (@magicpantsjones ) just told me about this great Global Collaboration project through Buncee Edu. Buncee Buddies is a global pen pal program that allows students to ask questions and receive responses by creating Buncee presentation slides. It is really easy to get started by filling out a form, and then your class will be paired with another classroom around the world. Click here to sign up for the Earth Day Buncee Buddies project and find out about this program.  

    Have a great week!

    Note: I originally posted the wrong link, but it is updated now.   2.22.17

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