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Keep Parents Involved

  • 1.  Keep Parents Involved

    PLN Leader
    Posted 20 days ago
    On some social media sites I've seen parents create schedules or share ideas to keep their children learning.  I've created some parent newsletters for teachers and schools to send out to parents with ideas.  I've tried to keep the ideas low/no tech, or activities that they can do as a family in their own backyard.  Some are more direct instruction, and some are more fun activities.  Feel free to share and use!

    Laurie Guyon
    Assistant Coordinator for Model Schools

  • 2.  RE: Keep Parents Involved

    Posted 16 days ago
    Great idea! I wrote a blogpost for parents finding themselves in the teacher role along with a Slides deck of no tech activities. ProWise allowed me to share their CodeWise cards. It's a no-tech coding game! The download link is included.

    Direct link to No Tech Learning (open to anyone, feel free to share):

    -Karyn (@Filibuster3)
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