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YOUR VOICE has been heard! COVID-19 Online Teaching Survey Follow up

  • 1.  YOUR VOICE has been heard! COVID-19 Online Teaching Survey Follow up

    Posted 10-27-2020 10:42

    YOUR VOICE has been heard!

    Last spring many of you-almost 1200-responded to a survey we conducted where we asked about your experience teaching during the early days of the pandemic. We shared the results back with all of you to help inform your teaching and we also published the findings to guide educational leaders and decision makers. Those results are also included in the recently released book by Pamela Livingston Gaudet, Like No Other School Year: 2020, COVID-19 and the Growth of Online Learning (available on Amazon), and also discussed in this series of articles on Wren's Nest, an educational blog.

    As we continue educating our nation's youth during these unprecedented times, we are asking once again for you to share your thoughts and experiences by completing this 10 minute follow up survey.

    **Important note** We are educators just like all of you and do not receive any financial compensation for this initiative. We are simply motivated to inform and positively impact the field of education. Thank you in advance for participating!

    Daniel Cruz Other
    Educational Technology Coordinator
    Léman Manhattan Preparatory School
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