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Any districts sending kids 5 days per week... and how??

  • 1.  Any districts sending kids 5 days per week... and how??

    PLN Leader
    Posted 07-29-2020 12:37
    Like the rest of us I am sure, I have been involved with (and/or caught wind of) about a MILLION different conversations in a million different districts with a million different potential plans for reopening this fall. 🤯 I know one of the biggest concerns with "in person" school is the ability to be safe and responsible (PPE, social distancing, and properly disinfecting).

    Most of the districts in my region are trying to do SOME sort of "in person" school. Quite a few districts are proposing an "A/B" schedule (where the A group goes into school on Mondays and Tuesdays and does remote Thu/Fri, and the B group goes into school on Thursday and Fridays and does remote Mon/Tue... and Wednesdays are disinfecting days-- and are fully remote for everyone). Has anyone been part of any really substantive conversations that have decent, responsible, realistic proposals for Monday through Friday 5-days-per-week in person school models?? Just curious :)


    Kristin Edwards
    Distance Learning Specialist
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