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How are school buses helping?

  • 1.  How are school buses helping?

    ISTE Staff
    Posted 19 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tony Wan and I am the managing editor at EdSurge, the independent newsroom division of ISTE.

    During this difficult time, I'm looking at ways in which schools/districts may be using school buses to provide essential services to students and families. I was wondering, besides internet, meals and homework, have you seen other ways that school buses have been used?


    Tony Wan

  • 2.  RE: How are school buses helping?

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi Tony,
    That is all I have heard of at this point.  I will circle back if see others.


    Jennifer Cauthers
    teacher/district technology leader
    Mahopac Central Schools