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The Global Collaborations Network promotes digital technologies for connecting and collaborating beyond the classroom walls. The Global Collaboration Network offers best-practice curriculum design to embed global learning experiences into everyday teaching. The community shares tools and methods, curriculum developments, and opportunities for collaborations.

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  • Hey, Seth! I think you might get some nibbles on this if you posted in the CILC Collaboration center!  Here's the link: Also, how is the book coming? Happy Holidays! Jan ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi @Seth Fleischauer  When I started to make global connections for my students doing PBL a few years ago, I used Edmodo as my starting point. I posted a message to Spanish teachers and looked for schools to work with us. I created a separate class ...

  • Hey everyone! We're trying to get multiple classes to collaborate synchronously, creating small groups that have one student from each class. We'd like them to work together on a task (at this point, a writing task) but they will need to be able to discuss ...

  • Topic: "What is on your Virtual Plate?" is a global student collective resource where all participants re-create, using Virtual Reality (VR), the last meal they ate - to be shared with the world! This low-barrier VR project can be created for free ...


  • October 2019 GCN Newsletter

    I am pleased to announce the latest GCN newsletter with so many opportunities to collaborate with other classrooms around the world! Read More
  • Playground Volunteers Needed

    The Global Collaboration PLN is hosting the playground on Wednesday, June 26 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the ISTE19 Conference & Expo in Philly. We are looking for ISTE members to volunteer their time during the playground. Volunteers will help us manage the presenters and attendees. It is a great way to meet people as well as view everything being presented!

    Please submit the following form by Friday, May 11, 2019 to express your interest and availability to help. Read More