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The Virtual Environments Network works to build a community of like-minded educators who learn from and teach one another. The group hosts globally synchronous professional development activities for its members. The Virtual Environments Network also has a very active online community where members share resources, experiences and projects created by educators and students.

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  • Hi Elizabeth, I would check out Lenovo VR Classroom solution which uses the Pico G2 4K . That's an entire classroom solution and comes with ThinkReality and LanSchool for IT and classroom management. If you don't need the classroom tools, you can ...

  • I finally have some financial support to introduce VR into the classrooms in my small international high school in Rome, Italy. I've been using Oculus and Vive in my iLab but now need 10-20 headsets with a classroom management system that I can take ...

  • This thread has been very helpful! We have several Oculus Quests, but the move to Facebook accounts only has been difficult. We are using our school's Facebook account, but then that restricts any collaboration or sharing that could occur between headsets ...

  • Brie, I thought I replied to this yesterday but it's not here, so if this is a duplicate response I apologize. The Pico G2 4K is self contained with one controller. I should have mentioned that there is a Pico Neo as well which is similar to the quest ...

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  • Rescheduled! Special Focus Session Feb. 16!

    Hey, all,

    We'll welcome Mozilla's Elgin-Skye McLaren into our little nest in Second Life next Tuesday night at 5pm Pacific time, 7pm Central. She'll give is a quick and dirty into into Mozilla Hubs there and we will forge on into a space in Hubs for a little walkabout. This'll be fun! Read More