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The Edtech Coaches Network promotes the development and collaboration of educational technology coaches who support the professional growth of teachers as they use technology to enhance learning.

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  • I'm wondering if you are talking about the Edtech Coaches book study form 2018?  Here's a link to the master document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w09nNmu7Op_RGBCZKSMaA0iOA_k-Unld49_GZ8KkACk/edit?usp=sharing ​ ------------------------------ Ruth ...

  • I would love to join you! ------------------------------ Ruth Okoye Instructional Technology Coach/Director Director of K12 Initiatives The Source for Learning ------------------------------

  • I have a meeting with my administrators at that time that I cannot change (from 10-12est which would be 8-10MST).  Would it be possible to move it back 2 hours?  I really want to be able to meet with you guys and am excited at collaborating. ------------------------------ ...